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Commercialized MM-wave Antennas to transfer Large Volumes of Data
Commercialized MM-wave Antennas to transfer Large Volumes of Data

  Back in about 2012, we were asked if we had the setup to think up and develop a compact, lightweight base-station milli-wave antenna for use in the 71-76GHz and 81-86GHz E-Band range, and then supply the antenna in large numbers.

  Back then, E-Band antennas were hard to come by, and manufacturers had to spend a lot of time and money on purchasing heavy and large antennas from overseas. For us at Staf Corporation, this project was a first, in that we had never worked on such an excessively high frequency antenna – it was a really difficult challenge. Yet, as we predicted that the demand would increase for products functioning in the milli-wave frequency range, we immediately introduced the necessary facilities, and set about developing the product, seeking cooperation from external organization from time to time for technical advice, until we succeeded in developing and productizing the antenna in question.

  Finally, we worked to bring down costs, in order to make mass production viable, succeeding in replacing the conventional wire-cutter cut waveguide with one formed out of metal. With that, we managed to succeed in lowering costs and setting up a supply system that met the demands of the client.