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Automotive MM-wave radaor Development
Automotive MM-wave radaor Development

 In-vehicle millimeter wave radar has been rapidly increasing its use as ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) in recent years due to its superior robustness against mist and backlight, which is its feature, and for future applications such as automatic driving.
   Under such circumstances, we received a request from a major manufacturer for the development of MM-wave radar antenna adapted to their newly developed IC.
To make maximum use of the experience of custom design of millimeter wave products cultivated at our company so as to obtain the maximum gain performance within the demanded size, we have developed lens types for long distance applications and patch type for short range applications by matching the distance.
   This Automotive MM-wave radar was exhibited at the international exhibition in the beginning of 2018, and our antenna was also to be exhibited together.
From now on, we will continue to develop smaller and more efficient new products with a view to hybrid devices such as camera and Lider.