Corporate Vision

“Staf’s challenging spirit paves the way for IT future”

The IT demand for technology is shifting at a bewildering pace beyond all expectations, so that right now the diverse realms of IoT have even loftier needs for a “wireless setup.” Yet, conversely, amidst the increase in instruments people find indispensable thanks to IT, the importance placed on the analog world of mechanism technology, requiring certain knowledge and skills, is greater than ever before.

And, we at Staf Corporation are the ones who offer numerous high-quality components that underpin one end of the electronic instrument world that keeps this era ticking.

By faithfully fulfilling user needs, by enhancing product competitiveness and by remaining stock free, we meticulously pursue efficiency, so that now we are an “order-made orientated” company.


The component products we offer at Staf Corporation are very different to general purpose components because special products use special components – so, our components are bespoke order-made ones.

We participate in product projects right from the planning and designing stage, in order to make components that meet the needs of clients from first to last. Consequently, at Staf, we hardly have any product pamphlets, which, in terms of the electronic components industry, makes us sound like a subcontractor, but we truly are a technical partner of all our clients – in other words, not a subcontractor but a peer-to-peer contractor succeeding in business.


From here on too, we will pick up on shifting trends in the world at large, enthusiastically making our challenge to underpin tomorrow’s IT business.


President’s Greetings

Koichi Goto, President and CEO

At Staf Corporation, our design integrated development stance means we participate in projects right from the design stage to offer clients optimum devices. And, ever since founding, we have worked to galvanize partnerships with a diverse range of clients.


By combining our technologies with the ideas and technologies of our clients, we develop products together to have added value while striving to realize products with creational worth.


Once we grasp the true essence of a client’s needs, we focus our thinking on how the end product should be manufactured – because, our motto is: “Be the world’s best in antenna technology and mechanical design!” And, likewise, that motto attests to our strengths, so we strive to be an irresistible company that can be relied upon as a professional team to make the most of our “antenna design technologies” and “mechanism design technologies.”

Indeed, the starting point of these technologies that preoccupy us endlessly is the idea of “changing needs into forms.” And, all of us at Staf Corporation combine seamlessly as a team to accelerate the process of development for new products geared to the creation of new value, so that we can enhance the value of our clients’ products and then aim to deliver that value to society at large.

Our Staff

Shungo Daigaku, Sales Department Section Manager, Sales Division

Before taking up my current post in sales, I was involved in mechanism design in an engineering position for about ten years.

There are other sales people at Staf Corporation who, like me, came through the engineering ranks before engaging in sales work.

Therefore, we want to use that engineering experience to the utmost to unerringly provide a sales window for clients to shop at for that extra bit of specialness they require. Naturally, we can put forward solutions to meet those requirements, but, above that, we aim to recognize the needs derived from the utilizing market and application of the end product, in order to propose additional features. Indeed, our role is to be the technical partner of the client who handles the finished product.

We participate in projects from the product planning stage, with a willingness that says: “Let us work together to make the optimum product.” From start to finish, we work consistently to provide our technologies at every stage, from component development through to production.

Minoru Takase, Electrical Design Department Section Manager, Engineering Division

Since joining the company, I have been involved in antenna development and design. Lately, with much attention being given to in-vehicle radar, our department has been focusing on milli-wave antenna design, and has introduced some state-of-the-art facilities as part of that focus.

The demands that come with orders are diverse depending on the application of the frequency band to be used.

Thus, my colleagues and I constantly consider how we can offer the optimum antennas to suit the specifications and applications of clients’ products.

In many ways, I personally work to give shape to the technical prowess of Staf Corporation and the needs of clients, with the hope that our work is special enough for clients to be glad they chose our company.