Environment & Quality Policy

Environmental policy

The business of STAF Corporation consists of a design, development, production and sales of the telecommunications equipments, communications equipments and various electronic parts. We recognize the maintenance of the global environment is one of the present and the future most important subjects. We grasp the influence on the environment precisely and promote pro-environmental behavior under the all the members participation.

  1. 1In order to promote environmental protection activities, we build environmental management system, quasi ISO 14001:2015,JISQ 14001:2015 and ISO9001: 2015, JISQ9001: 2015 and continuously improve for the prevention of the environmental pollution.
  2. 2We observe other requirements that we have agreed to as well as the environmental laws and regulations required for each shipping area.
  3. 3While we properly view the influence on the environment given by our business activities, we deal with the following items on a priority basis:
    1. 1We use electric energy carefully. We reduce the energy consumption by upgrading an OA apparatus and the illumination.
    2. 2We thoroughly manage the wastes and plan to control the outbreak, do the fractional recovery and recycle.
    3. 3We work on a design and development in consideration for environment and set a limit to the use of the toxic substance and act for the use promotion of recyclable materials and service making facility of the packing and reduce the influence on global environment more.
  4. 4We set an environmental purpose and an aim on promoting the pro-environmental behavior and practice it premeditatedly and perform a review regularly.
  5. 5We plan to commoditize all employees’ understanding of the environmental protection by such as an education and publicity work.
  6. 6We maintain an organization of the environmental management promotion that all employees can be active and carry out an environmental education, social publicity work and plan environmental understanding and uplift of the consciousness about the environment to all employees and promote practice of environment improvement and the maintenance. In addition, we convey an environmental policy for a related company and the subcontractor and call for understanding and cooperation of the environmental improvement and maintenance.
  7. 7We open the policy to the public.

    [ISO certification acquisition contents] JIS Q 14001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015/JIS Q 9001:2015 / ISO 9001:2015

Quality policy

  1. 1We perform the development and suggestion of a new product which should be loved by the customer and take the needs and the expectation of in advance.
  2. 2We offer customer the products which 100% satisfy the regulation requirements.
  3. 3We build a qualified design and production trusted by a customer and aim at the true product which a customer is satisfied with.