Product Development

Development Vision

Meeting a diverse range of next-generation needs with the flexible use of leading edge technologies.

Supporting Clients until They are Happy with End Products


Manufacturers send numerous new products into markets every day. And, it is Staf Corporations mission to support those manufacturers in the enthusiastic efforts they take to produce good products that they are confident in.

To achieve that, we participate in projects from the planning stage, liberally offering our unique technologies, knowhow and service skills. Even amidst the pressure of deadlines and repeated testing and rethinking, we maintain a cooperative stance to ensure that we function as the best support to our clients. With a consistent support system, we keep ourselves in sync with clients as if competing in three-legged races.

Offering the Latest Array of Technical Skills


When you think of a component maker, let us say an antenna maker, doubtless you would think of a company that just develops antennas.  However, it is more complicated and delicate than that. For instance, in the case of development work for high frequency antennas for devices like mobile phones and wireless terminals, antennas have to be integrated into the actual main units of those products, with numerously repeated tests on technical functionality needed, so that product rollout can easily take a year of time. Furthermore, a drive for compactness and lower costs is demanded. Thus, even when talking about an identical antenna, the one in question may require a completely different development approach for the mechanism components. And, because we deal with such issues flexibly, we are always able to offer the latest array of technical skills.

Our Facilities

Apart from introducing our products, we would like you to know that we constantly bring on board the latest technologies, to develop new products.

Electromagnetic field simulator

We do the basic examination in a simulator while changing the electrical style of the antenna, a physical shape and the conditions of the parts to attach in various ways.

Network analyzer

One example of something essentially important for deciding whether an antenna is good or bad is voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR). The network analyzer is the measuring instrument that measures VSWR. And, if VSWR is not correct, then antenna radiation will not be output efficiently. Therefore, the network analyzer is one of the measuring instruments that is essential to antenna design.

Electric wave darkroom

Based on a result provided in a simulator, we produce the antenna while measuring the performance in a network analyzer and an electric wave darkroom. We do also make sure how an electric wave appears when a person enters in the electric wave darkroom with a cellular telephone in a call state.

Measuring instruments for the anechoic chamber

These instruments are necessary for measuring directionality and gain of antennas. The network analyzer, the standard signal generator and spectrum analyzer are connected to both the test-piece antenna and the horn antenna facing the test-piece antenna while a turntable controller is connected to the turntable that will retain the test-piece antenna.

Three-dimensional CAD

Smooth exchange is available with a customer by using three-dimensional CAD data

Measuring microscope

This microscope measures whether or not a component has been produced according to plans.

Load measuring instrument

Check the strength by applying load. Measure and record a change of the stroke vs. the load continually.

Torque measuring instrument

Use the measurement of a turning product such as hinges. Can measure and record the torque continually while turning it.

Fall testing equipment

Check the satisfaction of the strength of our product by actually dropping it.

Vibration testing machine

We will confirm the reliability that assumes vibration during transport.