2019.11.01 Information

Released high-performance std. FPC dipole antennasReleased high-performance std. FPC dipole antennas

Internet of Things/IoT is a technology that realizes a rich world by exchanging information and functions of each other by connecting all “things” to the Internet.

To connect all things wirelessly, you need a high-performance antenna that can be used anywhere. Therefore, Staf Corporation developed and released a high-performance FPC dipole antenna of LPWA / 3G / LTE (4G) / GNSS L1 that can be applied to all IoT / M2M products regardless of the ground plane size.

It can be applied to Cat-M1/ NB-IoT, which is currently attracting attention in the market. LPWA (920MHz) and GNSS L1 maximum gain (MRG) are + 2.36dBi and + 1.5dBi, respectively. It is a product that has achieved the highest performance in the industry.

The antenna body is a flexible material, so it can be used in various housing shapes.

The product supports three types of U.FL, MHF, and MHF4L.