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The Successful development of "Foldable Hinge" for flexible display terminals!The Successful development of "Foldable Hinge" for flexible display terminals!

Staf Corporation (HQ: Yokohama, President and CEO: Koichi Goto), a design and manufacturer of antennas and high-performance hinges, has successfully developed a "Foldable Hinge" for use in folding displays.

In recent years, in response to the technological evolution of display materials and consumer needs for more advanced functions, a succession of foldable smartphone terminals have been released by smartphone manufacturers around the world. In order to meet these needs, Staf Corporation has decided to release a "Foldable Hinge" that can be customized according to customer requests.

This hinge is ideal for folding devices, with features such as the ability to control the speed at which the device opens and closes, the ability to free stop to hold the device at any angle, and a wire channel that passes through the top and bottom enclosures.

The "Foldable Hinge" is characterized by the following



Hinge for folding devices with flexible displays
This product is a hinge for folding a device with a flexible display.
This hinge realizes greater portability when the device is closed and a larger screen when opened.


Low-load design for flexible displays
The structure is designed to be less susceptible to loads such as pulling or wrinkling of the flexible display during the opening and closing operations. In addition, the link mechanism that connects the two hinge axes ensures stable operation.


Can be held at any opening angle
When the terminal opens and closes, the force in the closing direction works when the terminal is around fully closed, and the force in the opening direction works when the terminal is around fully open.
Also, it has a free stop function to hold the device at any angle in the other operating range.


Can be wired
This hinge has a wire channel to allow the upper and lower enclosures to pass through.


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The "Foldable Hinge" is a completely custom-made part that can be custom-designed according to the customer's requirements and is available for both book type (horizontal opening) and flip type (vertical opening). 


About Staf Corporation

Staf Corporation (HQ: Yokohama; President and CEO: Koichi Goto) is a manufacturer of electronic components, mainly antennas and special hinges, from design and development to delivery of mass-produced products.
Since its establishment in 1991, the company has aimed to create value for its customers' products by combining the high technology it has cultivated through the development, design, and manufacture of components for the communication equipment with the ideas and technologies of its customers.
We will continue to contribute to the ever-changing society by actively and speedily providing technology to our partner companies.

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