◆We design antennas to meet client applications and then put the design into actual production!


At Staf, we are working to meet tomorrow’s ever-expanding needs in radio communications through efforts including milli-wave band antennas for all sorts of milli-wave-accommodating sensors used in near-future 5G communication and 920MHz band antennas for the currently spotlighted low power wide area (LPWA) technologies used in IoT – thus, we develop, design and productize antennas to fulfill client wishes.

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IoT/M2M(LPWA) Antenna

Cellular LTE/3G Antenna

Wi-Fi/BLE/NFC Antenna

mm-Wave Antenna

DTV/Multi-band/Codeless phone Antenna

Transparent Antenna/others

GPS/GNSS Antenna

mechanism componentMechanism Components

◆We propose mechanism components that give added value to the client’s product and then put the proposal into actual production!


Up to now, we have built up a successful track record mostly in the built-in segment of mobile phone manufacturers in Japan, developing, designing and productizing precision mechanical components requiring specialized knowledge, such as hinges and slide rotating mechanisms that the client needs to have special specifications like extreme durability, excellent slidability, high rigidity, compactness and unique movement.


Indeed, because the feel of the movement and any rattling will play a major part in the quality of the product, we meticulously take our development into the areas of finest detail.


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We develop and productize components that can bring innovative added valued to client products!