360° Rotation Flat Hinge

  • 360° Rotation Flat Hinge
  • 360° Rotation Flat Hinge
  • 360° Rotation Flat Hinge


1. Like a tablet when fully open

In opening the hinge, the corner radius of the product casing is evaded as the hinge can be moved through 360 degrees until the casing is flat like a tablet – in other words, the hinge enables the product to be folded in half.

2. Wiring also considered

We also can offer ideas on routing cable or flexible cable that joins the two halves of a product – so, rest assured that we can provide usable conduction.

3. Adding extra to conduction and antenna performance

By using our company’s unique conductive hinge and hinge antenna, we contribute to product downsizing, and provide clients with various utilization ideas.


1. Notebook PC
2. Dual-screen terminals
3. Compact game consoles
4. Folding tables



(1) 180° Rotational Flat Hinge

(H) 9mm × (W) 20mm × (L) 20.5mm

(2) 360° Rotational Flat Hinge

(H) 7.6mm × (W) 18.4mm × (L) 14mm


(1) Pull-out torque: 40N•cm to 60N•cm

Free stop torque: 20N•cm to 30N•cm 

(2) Pull-out torque: 5N•cm to 7N•cm

Free stop torque: 1.0N•cm to 1.5N•cm 

Durability life

(1) Estimated to be 30,000 hinge actions

(2) Estimated to be 50,000 hinge actions


RoHS compliant

* The above specifications and standards can be changed according to terminals required by clients.


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