B to B Connectors

  • B to B Connectors


1. Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC)

As these connectors are just crimped, installations can be checked easily, which improves evaluating, reviewing and productivity while also making handling easy.

2. Simplifies circuitry design

As there is no need to route in coaxial cable, the freeing up of circuitry design can be improved, making circuitry configurations simpler.
- The current receptacle to plug to coaxial cable to plug receptacle connections are simplified through the use of crimp-type coaxial connectors.

3. Lightweight, space-saving and easy to assemble

As cable is not needed, weight is shed, space is saved and assembling is made easier.

4. Accommodating surface mounting technology (SMT) and reflow

Can be built in to printed circuit boards by using an automatic mounter.


1. For mobile phones, PDAs and notebook PCs, etc.
- As high-frequency connectors configured from several (2 to 4) components can be replaced by just 1 component, space can be used more efficiently when our simplified connectors are incorporated into high-density mounting equipment. 
2. For inspection equipment
- As the connectors are just crimped, connections can be checked easily, which cuts down the time needed for evaluating, reviewing and testing.
- Can be used as an evaluating connector in high-frequency circuits.
3. For connections to antennas
- Productivity and other issues can be improved by changing from screw-in or solder connections to crimped connections.


DC resistance

100 [mΩ] or less

Insulation resistance

500 [MΩ] or more

Withstand voltage

AC 200 [V] for 1 minute


1.5 or less (300 [KHz] to 3 [GHz])

Stack length

5 [mm]

Nominal impedance

50 [Ω]

Rated frequency

300 [KHz] to 3 [GHz]


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